Spiritual Companionship

There is always a way to begin again, to discover the lost child, to rescue it, and nurture it inside ourselves. It does become harder to do this as we age - as we accumulate sorrow and as walls go up. These developments are natural - not bad, they just happen. But this is the very definition of miracle: for the old become young again, for walls to come down, for the weak to become strong, for the strong to become supple, for those in 'hell' to find life, for those in 'heaven' to come down a notch or two and join the rest of us.

We are all under the spell of a great contemporary illusion - that we have to choose between our head and our heart, between faith and science, between the practical and the beautiful, between the old and the new, between mind, heart, and body.

Divisions are easy, adolescent things. It is chemistry (scientific or spiritual) that is hard. Alchemy is the old word for this creative thing - this interaction between opposites, this dance between law and grace, between logic and feeling, between heaven and earth.

For this reason, it must strike us that Spirituality is not what we thought it was - not about renunciation, not about slicing and dicing your beliefs. It is, in fact, a kind of personal craft, a kind of creativity, a conversation between opposite parts of ourselves, an openness, a waiting.

I travel as a companion with those on this road. My own native language is 'contemplative Christian', but distant travels and far reaching study have given me a deep appreciation and facility with other traditions of the East and West . I accompany believers & doubters. I emphasize questions, experience, & exploration. My work as an artist, two degrees in philosophy, a grasp of psychology, global issues, and current science contribute to the mix. My energy is clean and I have no agenda other than to walk with you along your path - and study the 'flora and fauna' along the way.

David Orth
815-943-4099 home & studio
708-288-5199 cell

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Sessions are $40 for a half hour - $75 for an hour

2 Locations or a Skype connection:
Crystal Lake, IL - Office
Marengo, IL - Home & Studio



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